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Mahindra City - Do your own thing

Ranking of Top Tech Parks in the country

Dataquest, 30 June 2003

How about working for an IT company that is tucked away from the urban chaos, surrounded by hills, lakes et
al. Or how about taking some breaks between work everyday to play a game of tennis or go fishing? If it
sounds out of context, the chances are you have not seen Mahindra City near Chennai yet, spread across
1440 acres of green landscape. Jointly promoted by Mahindra and Mahindra, IL&FS and TIDCO, M & M has
51% stake while other two promoters have 38% and 11% respectively.

With an investment of Rs 170 crore till now, Mahindra City is probably one of the first of its kind in India to be
executed on such a large scale. Mahindra City offers three options to IT companies -campus, built to suit and
ready built. Under the campus format, companies can buy the land and develop their own structures. If a
company decides to go for the built to suit option, the design and other needs are carried out as specified by
the client. The city will also have a 200,000 sq ft ready built structure aimed at IT and BPO companies. Within
a span a nine months since its inauguration in September 2002, the promoters have not good response. The
officials claim that large chunks of land will soon be occupied by premium IT companies. Mahindra City also
offers other infrastructure necessities like unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 power, ample car parking, food courts
and well laid out roads and all these say one thing - for those tired of residing in concrete jungles - move into
Mahindra City

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