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  • 1. Tree Plantation:

    Approx. 10,000 trees have been planted inside MWCJ Campus and 40,000 Trees in rural areas around MWCJ campus.
  • 2. Estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions:

    183 Tonnes
  • 3. Mahindra Hariyali:

    Mahindra hariyali is the Mahindra Group’s endeavor to tackle the twin challenges of climate change and sustainability. Mahindra Hariyali is a testament to the spirit of our commitment to sustainable growth and adding positively to our environment. We also monitor survival rates and undertake replacement of saplings as and when required. This extra green cover, in addition to providing livelihood and nutritional security, also enhances the wildlife habitat value and biodiversity of the region. A total of 40,955/- Trees have been planted in rural areas around MWCJ.
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