contactDiary Integrated City Industrial Cluster

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  • 1. JCTL :

    JCTL (Govt. buses) is plying its services in MWCJ. It is taking 5 round trips from the Jaipur City to MWCJ.
  • 2. E-Rickshaws :

    E-Rickshaw are running as part of pilot project for last mile connectivity, which will be enhanced as per the feasibility and requirement for promoting emission free intracity transport requirements.
  • 3. Pink Pedals :

    A fleet of 50 cycles is now available at conveniently situated docking stations for shared use by employees and visitors at MWC Jaipur. Pink Pedals bicycles at MWC Jaipur have been designed for rider safety and comfort. The number of cycles will thereafter be augmented in phases and an integrated app-based sharing system will be rolled out, basis further requirements and demand.
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