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RICS Cities Conference 2016 - Urban Makeover: Building a Smart & Modern India

“Being smart” is in The Smart Cities Mission is a bold new initiative by the Government, to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. However, the mere adoption of technology will not guarantee the success of smart cities. There needs to be appropriate strategy, planning, data and delivery tools that support smart buildings and smart planning; mobility and transportation; monetization and finance; and water & waste management, along with key focus on health & human services and public safety.

RICS cities conference was held on 19th July, 2016 to gain insights on the policies being articulated for building world class Indian cities – be it housing for all, smart cities or urban infrastructure.

Sangeeta Prasad, CEO, IC&IC, Mahindra Lifespaces, was a panelist and speaker at the forum to discuss TOPIC:- BEYOND POLICY IS IMPLEMENTATION. She spoke on how can we encourage reforms; promote the development of infrastructure in cities, improve service delivery mechanisms of cities. Panel took a deep dive in the government schemes such as AMRUT, PMAY and Smart Cities.

Other key topics discussed at forum were: - “Stakeholder’s participation in overcoming challenges for a Smart & Urban India”, “The role of technology in delivering ‘housing for all”, “Investing in India’s urban make-over”, “unravelling the Dna of India’s future urban cities”

Other speakers at the forum included many eminent leaders like Mr. Michael Holland FRICS – CEO, Embassy Office Parks ,Mr. Shailesh Pathak - Executive Director, Bhartiya Group, Mr. Umar F. Khan – Director, Smart Cities & Urban Development – E&Y, Mr. Hemant Sahai – Founding Partner, HSA Advocates, Mr. Pratap Padode - Founder & Director, Smart Cities Council India, etc

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