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MLDL Leadership Conclave MSPIRE 2016 at MWC Club Chennai

Our first leadership conclave, MSPIRE 2016 was conducted at MWC Club Chennai where we had an opportunity to strategize, plan, innovate, recognize and excel. The conclave commenced with an audio visual that welcomed delegates to MWC Chennai with a walk down memory lane entailing how it has grown from strength to strength.

This was followed by Lancelot Cutinha welcoming the delegates to MWC Chennai and sharing an inspirational story about Admiral Jim Stockdale, a fighter pilot aboard the USS Oriskany who lived through his ordeal of being tortured as a prisoner of war and how his mental makeup and conviction enabled him to survive and escape from captivity. He also set the context of MSPIRE being a platform to engage, collaborate and build a shared vision of the future.

Anita Arjundas then addressed the audience after which a brief audio visual about the year that went played followed by her bringing clarity to how MSPIRE, as a leadership conclave, will be a potent platform for the leadership team in achieving the aspirational commitment that it has set for itself in the 5-year strategic roadmap that has been created, enshrined in Roadmap 2020’. She called upon each one of us to exhibit success mantras which she calls 5C’s- (1) Conviction in belief, (2) Customer Centricity where we add value to customers, (3) Commitment to deliver through speed, throughput and closure (4) Collaboration with stakeholders and (5) Creativity where we innovate and think differently.

She then called upon Himanshu Rai, Dean of MISB Bucconi to address the audience about psychological enablers and derailers pertaining to leadership, strategic thinking and the challenges that organizations face in moving from being good to great. He also provided references from the Mahabharata, the Vedas and the Alchemist. Later during the day, he involved teams in an exercise towards addressing challenges and opportunities in road towards achieving what was laid out as a vision in our 2020 road map.

We had Mr. Ramesh Iyer, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra Finance Ltd. share his personal and heart felt story about his journey from being the second employee in 1995 and growing the business to Rs. 44000 crores in assets under management. He shared with the team practical realities about managing and growing a business with an emphasis on dealing with leadership challenges. Our Chairman commended him for his humility by narrating stories of how he travels by public transport for some of his visits to branches. The post lunch session was facilitated by Himanshu Rai where he engaged with the audiences on various aspects of leadership and management. Our Chairman inspired us with an inspirational session about what our focus areas have to be and the key ingredients to achieve our Roadmap 2020.

We then had the reward and recognition session which was aired live over a webcast where a video of the Champs of the Month and the Rising Stars was played followed by the announcement of the winners of the trophies that were competed for. Each one of us left the conclave inspired, for as a team, we are of the firm belief that we will apply the 5 C’s with inspiration, perspiration and determination to achieve our Road Map 2020…..High Five to That!!!

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