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MIT- BITS & BRICKS forum , May 2017

World Real Estate Forum by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate was held in May 2017. Ms. Anita Arjundas, MD MLDL, was invited as speaker for the module, “City 3.0: The Role of Development in Our Urban Futures.” “The core of our philosophy has been sustainability, and sustainability for us is not just about green buildings, but about the entire approach to these developments—right from the land acquisition, and how you bring in the local community to connect with whole development. For a company like ours, what was important was for us to figure out how urbanization could be done more sustainably, how to actually create new economic nerve centers, coupled with quality housing, with access to all the amenities that people desire, and yet be in close proximity to their workplaces,” said Ms. Arjundas.

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