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Building a Greener Tomorrow – Mahindra Hariyali

Mahindra Hariyali by Mahindra World City Mahindra Hariyali is a testament to the spirit of our commitment to sustainable growth and responsibility to our environment. As per the Govt. Forest Department, the green cover on earth should be 33% for it to be sustainable and balance climate control; Rajasthan has a green cover of only 3%, which makes this initiative all the more important. Through this activity, the MWCJ family, under the Mahindra Hariyali Campaign planted 5500 saplings. While this was primarily a CSR activity, it was heart-warming to see the whole team labouring in the rural villages to plant a total of 5500 trees over a period of two weeks. This year our efforts were further strengthened by the large number of Community Volunteers. On the concluding day of our plantation drive we were honoured to have Mr. Mahendra Agarwal (IFS), Dy. Conservator of Forest, Forest Dept. Govt. Of Rajasthan join us for the Hariyali Drive. He appreciated the efforts taken by MWCJ for adding to the green cover in Jaipur and re-iterated the moral and social responsibility of each individual towards the environment. We can definitely raise the bar, nurture our surroundings and be proud of the fact that we did something that can bring positive change in our environment making it our RISE MOVEMENT!!! Here is the glimpse of the event:  
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