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6th edition of MWC Champions Trophy

MWC Champions Trophy 2017 – Badminton | Carrom | Basketball

The 6th edition of MWC Champions Trophy - the annual sports event of Mahindra World City Chennai was organized successfully from 16th to 24th September 2017. 250+ participants from companies, residences and school competed in Badminton, Carrom, and Basketball. This year witnessed the inclusion of 1st ever edition of Carrom and Basketball tournament which were highly appreciated by the community. The tournaments were conducted on a highly professional & systematized manner involving 30+ referees, officials and support staff. Moreover, it was organized in a League format wherein each participant/team got ample opportunity to showcase their best sporting skills.

The details of winners and runner-ups are as follow:

Status Men's Singles Men's Doubles Mixed Doubles
Winner(s) Mr. Durai (Infosys) Mr. Vasanth & Mr. Somaraj (Infosys) Mr. Somaraj (Infosys)
1st Runners - Up(s) Mr. Vasanth (Infosys) Mr. Durai & Mr. Ajay (Infosys) Mr. Ram & Ms. Saranya (Infosys)
2nd Runners - Up(s) Mr. Vinoth & Mrs. Gayathri (Infosys) Mr. Ram & Mr. Saranya (Infosys) Mr. Sagar & Ms. Sweta (MRV)
Status Singles Doubles
Winner(s) Mr. Vinodh (BMW) Miss. Janani & Master Naveen (MWS)
1st Runners - Up(s) Mr. Gokul Raj (Infosys) Mr. Muralidaran & Mr. Prabhu (MWS)
2nd Runners - Up(s) Mr. Abdul Jaffar (MWS) Mr. Ashok & Mr. Abdul Jaffar (MWS)
Status Team
Winner(s) M. City Youth (Residence & Staff)
1st Runners - Up(s) Infosys
2nd Runners - Up(s) MWS Staff
Basket ball at 6th edition of MWC Champions Trophy
Opening Ceremony of MWC Champions Trophy 2017
Carrom Competition at MWC Champions Trophy 2017
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