Cities Community Civilization

BY : Mr. Antoni Vives

When we talk about a city that is built to last, we must think about communities that take care of their people; enhance existing talent and attract new ones; ensure equal opportunities and fight inequality. These cities generate an identity that is globally recognizable, and the combination of the richness of culture and a culture of richness allows us to think about lasting communities. Technology is an important enabler in such cities.

From the perspective of the latest emerging global trends on smart cities and city anatomy, we are learning how to use not only technology, but also existing data. The next step is how, through a cross vertical analytics, through breaking silos, can we produce services that are meaningful and empowering for the average citizen.

From the standpoint of India’s cities, India is more than a nation; India is a civilization. India must work with a lot of passion and truly grasp the aspirations of its citizens. Indian cities can set global examples of transformation with citizen co-operation. That was one of the ideas of Jawaharlal Nehru; Nehru wanted India to become an example of an equal, secular and gender-inclusive society. This forms the underlying principle for the evolution of Indian cities. The 100 Smart Cities Mission is yet another transformative and visionary initiative to realise India’s true urban potential in an accelerated fashion.