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Solid Waste Management

A 16 metric ton capacity Solid waste management plant has been established at Mahindra World City Chennai with a system for operation and maintenance of municipal waste management covering adequately the process of collection, transportation, treatment and disposal within Mahindra World City (MWC) from industrial, residential areas, commercial areas, open spaces etc. MWC has deployed a system for collecting municipal waste from the Customers campuses. Mahindra World City presently generates about 2 MT per day of waste which is projected to grow up to 16 MT per day. Out of the total waste generated ~ 40-45% constitutes biodegradable organic matter and 30-40% recyclable material.

The project has been running successfully for the last 7 years. This project presents an example of decentralized waste management. Entire quantity of waste generated in the SEZ is collected, treated and processed within the premises and there is no burden on city landfill sites. The project is not only self-sustainable it also generates additional revenue from sale of recyclable material and compost.

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