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FDI Policy

The Government of India has put in place a policy framework that’s transparent and easy to comprehend. The main objective is to keep pace with the regulatory changes, to attract and promote foreign direct investment for accelerated economic growth. FDI, as distinguished from portfolio investment, has the connotation of establishing a 'lasting interest' in an enterprise that is resident to an economy other than that of the investor.

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SEZ Norms

To curtail business shortcomings, the absence of modern infrastructure and the unstable fiscal regime, the SEZ policies were carefully listed. These norms aim to drive business at the centre and state level, with the minimum possible regulations. Foreign investors can seamlessly continue business transactions without worrying about multiple controls and clearances.

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Industrial Policy

To facilitate progress and enhance overall business growth, the Government of India put down a series of Industrial Policies.

Since industrialisation is viewed as the engine of growth, these policies encourage companies to operate key industries and ensure development in the interest of the whole population.

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