Jaipur Business Domestic Tariff

Domestic Tariff Area at MWC Jaipur

With a reputation for delivering excellence in standards and focus on perfection, the Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) offers companies an ambience and infrastructure to optimize productivity in any line of business.

Conveniently located to tap markets in the affluent North and the prosperous West, Mahindra World City offers industries setting up in the Domestic Tariff Area a whole host of benefits to boost their competitive advantages that include:
  • Multiple tenancy formats
  • Plug-n-play infrastructure
  • Well-connected road network
  • Fail safe utilities
JCB India - Jaipur Business Domestic Tariff Area
Leading customers such as ICICI Bank, Premier Bars are already operational in the Domestic Tariff Area.
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Jaipur Gallery
Aerial view of DTA, MWC Jaipur

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