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Mahindra World City Chennai - Sustainable Initiatives

Mahindra World City has been conceptualized and set up on the basis of three core pillars, Social, Economic and Environmental, thereby enabling the flexibility to accommodate changing dynamics of future market trends.

Social and Economic

Intelligently planned and crafted with precision, Mahindra World City, Chennai, gives you a holistic experience while providing an amicable balance between various social and economic offerings.

At Mahindra World City, community development is always given utmost priority. All basic amenities are planned and located within a 1 kilometre radius from the centre of the city and the residential facilities.

Residents have easy access to food courts, banks, schools, the shopping complex, medical clinic, hospitals, pharmacy, restaurants, ATMs, foreign exchange counters and post offices.

Moreover, people from the neighbouring communities have also benefitted from the developments at Mahindra World City. In association with NGOs, Mahindra World City provides educational programs for the youth from the neighbouring communities, enabling them to join mainstream industries and earn their livelihood. Some of them have turned entrepreneurs and cater to the population in various ways, such as infrastructural development, retail, food outlets and more.

Mahindra World City along with leading NGO - CAP Foundation has been working together to develop a program for the ‘inclusive development’ of the local community. The CAP Foundation instituted two programs, ‘Employability Training Centre’ and ‘Teen Channel’.

Together, Mahindra World City and CAP Foundation are also setting up a community college that will offer specialized vocational training programs.


Mahindra World City, Chennai, is truly in unison with nature!

Almost 90% of the streets, parking and pavements have been provided natural green cover to reduce the heat island effect. Rain water harvesting and storm water drainage are used to improve the groundwater table and water availability across the City. The water collected from rain water harvesting pits and storm water drainage are drained into the Kolavai Lake adjoining Mahindra World City.

The City has also established an on-site common sewage treatment plant (STP) to avoid the waste water stream running into nearby water bodies. The treated water from the STP is used for landscaping and for toilet-flushing in commercial and residential establishments.

Mahindra World City has pioneered usage of renewable energy by commissioning Tamil Nadu’s first off-grid Roof Top Solar Photo-Voltaic power plant at the commercial centre. The power plant has a capacity of 75kW and generates around 1,18,000 KW of clean power annually.

Also, majority of the public and street lighting is LED and induction light fittings. All the street lighting fixtures have been fitted with timer based automatic control systems. These measures have resulted in significant energy savings.
Bio-CNG plant in Mahindra World City (MWC), Chennai
Mahindra Group recently announced the inauguration of its all new Bio-CNG plant in Mahindra World City (MWC), Chennai. A joint CSR initiative between Mahindra Research Valley (MRV) and Mahindra World City Developers Limited (MWCDL), the Bio-CNG plant is spread over an area of 1,000 square metres. With an aim to create a carbon neutral ecosystem at Mahindra World City (MWC), Chennai, the Bio-CNG plant will convert 8 tons of food and kitchen waste generated daily at MWC, into 1000m3 of raw biogas. Further the raw bio gas can be enriched to yield 400kg/day of purified CNG grade fuel which is equivalent to a 200kW power plant. As a byproduct 4 tons of organic fertilizer will be produced per day. The green energy (bio CNG) can be effectively used to replace CNG as automotive fuel and LPG for cooking purposes as well as to power street lights at MWC. The organic fertilizer will be used by farmers to enhance soil fertility. Overall it will create an end to end carbon neutral ecosystem, wherein even the waste will be utilized for the benefit of the farmers. Hence MWC Chennai has rightfully claimed the title of being India’s first food-waste free city.
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